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ETA: LJ formatting is seriously pissing me off.  It keeps moving my cut-text to before my non-cut text.  WTF.  Sigh, here's my question:

In S7 does Dawn ever tell Spike not to call her ‘nibblet’ anymore?  I have a vivid memory of her saying pointedly “My name is Dawn,” and I thought it happened in “Beneath You” when she threatens to set him on fire, but I can’t find it in transcripts.  Did I completely hallucinate this scene?  That would be a little scary, as I can’t remember ever not thinking it was canon and I reference that scene in fic.
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Y'all should go check out this awesome new tumblr, which reveals fascinating, ahem, facts, that you might not have known about the series.  For example, did you know that Brad Pitt auditioned for the role of Andrew and Joss thought he wasn't manly enough?  


It is great fun.  And though I do not have a tumblr, I did submit a bizarre fact of my own, #061.

Also, did you see the screencaps from the S9 trailer?!?!  To whom do that belt and liquor belong?!?!  Perhaps I am overreacting, but it seems to me that THERE IS CLEARLY AN OBVIOUS ANSWER.
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I realized a few days ago why I'm still having cognitive dissonance when I think of Ringer (besides the fact that if I'm watching SMG, I also expect to see James, Alyson, Nick, Michelle, Emma, and Tony on-screen) and why the little interview snippets and previews I watch aren't making me more excited.  All of SMG's co-stars are men.  There may be one other female (I think there was some casting shuffling a while ago), but she hasn't shown up in any of the previews.  Add to that, the actor who plays Bridget's sponsor said when describing his role, "of course" his character loved her, which implies to me that at some point, if not to begin with, all the male characters are going to be vying for her affection.  Bridget is one of those women whom every male falls for.  There's nothing wrong with that trope, per se, but it is one that can easily go wrong if romance becomes the sole focus of that female character's life.

Adding to my disappointment that there aren't more strong female characters on the show, it's just going to be weird to see SMG surrounded by guys.  BtVS wasn't a feminist show only thematically but also in its casting; not many dramas even today, I think, have an even number of men and women, let alone more women than men.  I want SMG to interact with other women; I don't want to watch SMG interact with a harem of men.  On a more personal note, with the exception of Ioan Gruffudd (whose real accent is really throwing me- never thought I might prefer an American accent to a British accent...), I also don't find any of them attractive.  Dark, thin, and broody isn't my type, and that label seems to fit every supporting actor I've seen so far.  Someone somewhere, maybe on my flist or maybe on a media blog, commented that at their most basic, all the men seemed to resemble Freddie Prinze Jr., and since as a producer SMG was involved in casting, she apparently has a type; I agree with that hypothesis.

Onto a different TV show: Charisma Carpenter tweeted this photo of her and James from the SPN set.  I am doubly excited to see this episode because I found a friend here at school who's obsessed with both SPN and BtVS and who flipped out when I told her, and we might have an episode-watching party when the time comes (fortunately for me, that means she could explain anything that was really confusing, since I will most likely be nowhere near caught up to S7 when the episode airs).  We're also going to have a BtVS-cast-members-in-other-projects party and watch Chance (Amber Benson's movie with James Marsters) and Timer (Emma Caulfield), both of which I highly recommend.
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Is anyone else having a hell of a hard time posting to LJ?? When they changed the posting format, it reset my settings so that my posts automatically used HTML instead of Rich text, and even though I've switched it back, Rich text is still formatting automatically for me. Whenever I press enter, it gives me an extra space, and I have to switch to HTML and disable auto-formatting before resuming Rich text. All this switching is going to get really old really fast if this isn't some sort of fluke. Is this happening to anyone else? Are there more settings I need to fiddle with? I've been really stressed out this week, and not being able to post to LJ normally is irrationally messing with my mind. D:

ETA: Well, I know for sure there's something wrong now and it's not just formatting, b/c LJ deleted half my entry when I posted. PLEASE START WORKING LJ, I HAVE THINGS TO SAY.
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James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter are guest starring together on a S7 episode of Supernatural as a husband and wife!!!!!!!!!!  akdjfaldjfalkdjfaldkfjadlkfj.  I was already invested in this show, and now I am DOUBLY INVESTED SO I CAN WATCH SPIKE AND CORDELIA BE MARRIED AND INTERACT WITH DEAN AND SAM.

Description of the episode under cut )

This makes me super happy for a lot of reasons.  There's the obvious one, that seeing these two BtVS alums reunite on-screen is nerdgasmic- they didn't get to interact on AtS a lot, but they always sizzled (in a snarky, non-sexual way) when they did.  Second, I just like them both individually and am very happy to see them get work.  Third, it looks like a really fun episode in which they'll get to snark a lot and bring lots of personality to the plot.  Fourth and sort of a repeat is that I am extra, extra happy to see JM get television work, even if it's just a one-off guest episode, because he doesn't seem to act much anymore, which is a shame given his talent.  He's not nearly as good looking nowadays as he was a few years ago, but maybe he'll get back into the swing of things yet.  Or maybe he's just happy doing his music and cons, in which case, I'm grateful I get to see him on two TV series (the other being Hawaii Five-0) this fall.

And here's my big question: Will I be able to stop myself from watching it live because I don't want to jump ahead in the series or will I give in and flail in real time?  SO EXCITED.

ETA: According to this other article on the news, Jewel Staite (AKA Kaylee from Firefly) is also guest starring this season in the third episode!


Aug. 6th, 2011 08:02 pm
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Stolen from everyone:

Give me a show and I will tell you:
The first character I fell in love with:
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
The character everyone else loves that I don't:
The character I love that everyone else hates:
The character I used to love but don't any longer:
The character I would shag anytime:
The character I'd want to be like:
The character I'd slap:
My five favorite characters:
My five least favorite characters:
My deep dark fandom secret:
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I figured out a few episodes ago part of the reason I’d been averse to Sam (whom I thought was Dean, prior to starting the show) for years: Jared reminds me of Ben from BtVS, and I do not like Ben.

See what I mean? )
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 + Pick 13 of your ships and write down a quote for each of them. Have your flist guess the ships without using Google / IMDB.

Such fun, such fun )
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Hollywood Reporter hosted a really cool interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Maggie Q, Yvonne Strahovski (AKA Sarah from Chuck), Anna Torv (AKA Olivia from Fringe), Jennifer Morrison (AKA Cameron on House and Zoe on HIMYM), and Britt Robertson.  The moderators ask some questions, but basically the women are just talking with each other, trading stories, and discussing their shows, both current and past.  SMG is heavily featured.  The link has a transcript and two clips worth reading/watching.  I'm definitely getting more excited about Ringer, and Once Upon A Time looks interesting, too.
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This is going to sound weirdly motivational and maybe preachy (apologies), but it’s almost 1:00 AM and I can’t sleep and I had an idea that I really, really want to try:

I’ve been feeling a lot of pent-up anger the past few days over politics, and I suspect I will continue to feel that way until we know for sure that the government isn’t going to shut down on August 2nd, and I’d like to release a little of that aggression in a non-harmful way by aiming it at the aspects of the Buffyverse that fill me with me with loathing. And since I don’t like spreading hatred and I really like finding silver linings that help me appreciate something that would otherwise only make me unhappy, I want to mix this hate up with love.

So here’s how it works:

Comment with something you hate about the Buffyverse. It can be anything except a character or writer (basically, a person). “I hate when Riley does x” is fine, but simply saying “I hate Riley/Dawn/Xander” is not. Same goes for the writers. Y’all know that I am no stranger to lambasting Joss Whedon for some of his choices, but now is not the time for saying “I hate Joss” either. Now is the time for saying something like, “I hate what Joss did to Cordelia in AtS S4.”

Here’s the challenge: For everything you hate about the Buffyverse, come up with something that resulted from it that you love. It can be a direct result or an extremely indirect result.


1. “I hate that Angelus killed Jenny when she and Giles were about to reconnect and possibly consummate their love; I hate that we didn’t get to see the slow, sweet, mature love story they could have had; I hate that they didn’t get to have beautiful babies and grow old together and that Buffy and Willow didn’t get to be bridesmaids at their wedding (‘cause you know they would have been and they would have been adorable) and that Giles wasn’t forced to ask Xander to be his best man for lack of other male acquaintances.

However, I love the heartbreak and power of “Passion,” the emotions it evokes, the thoroughly unexpected shock of Angelus breaking Jenny’s neck, the awful imagery of Giles finding her on his bed, Giles going after Angelus, and Buffy crying to Giles and needing him to stay with her at the end.”

2. “I hate what the writers did to Cordelia in AtS S4. However, I love that we got the Spike-and-Angel proto-bromance in S5.”

I’m going to start off with a few comments about the things I hate and the things they result in that I love. Share your own hate/love stories, add something else you love to someone else’s hate, tell others how much you agree with them, write a comment!fic on what could have been! The only other rule besides not bashing a character/writer in and of him/herself is don’t judge other people for what they hate or love.

Find that silver lining!
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I bring S9 fic for [ profile] penny_lane_42! This follows from the S9 preview pages of Buffy and Spike at her party and is 3,100 words instead of 500 words because word limits and Alexandra are un-mixy things.
Title: Hers
Rating: PG-13
A/N: The “Trouble” demons belong to Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek.

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