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It's been a while since I last posted about TVD.  Over a month and a half, to be precise, and I actually wrote this review way back then...  I've since watched a few more episodes, so I know some of my speculation below is wrong, but I left it in for the lulz.

I can't think of a funny cut line because it's been so long since I actually watched the episode. )
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I actually watched these episodes two weeks ago and because of finals, I never got a chance to write these reviews before moving on in the season (because of course I couldn’t wait after everything that had just happened).  These are much shorter and more superficial than they should be, considering the content of these episodes, but it’s been a while since I watched them and I don’t have many insightful thoughts; they’re actually kind of blurring together by this point, and even when I was watching them I pretty much just flailed a lot, especially with 1x13.  In the interest of full disclosure (because I like that phrase, not because it actually matters), I’ve watched through 1x17.
Flashback love! )
Anna love! Elena and Damon together-forever-and-ever love! )
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One of my friends at college (a Spuffy fan, coincidentally) is conducting a survey about romance novels and fanfic in preparation for a Feminist Theory paper (you DO NOT need to read romance novels to take the survey; gonna go out on a limb here and assume most of you do read fanfic... :P).  It only takes five minutes.  The link is below, and if any of you feel like taking it, she and I would be much obliged!

Pretend this is a funny quote from the brothers mimicking each other )
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I watched “As I Lay Dying,” my first The Vampire Diaries episode ever!

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I watched “As I Lay Dying,” my first The Vampire Diaries episode ever!

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