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Today is the last poll!  Thank you so much for participating.  I had a lot of fun these past two weeks, and I hope you did, too.  :)[Poll #1810789]

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My apologies for being behind on answering comments!  I'm unusually busy today, but I'm not ignoring them and will get to them ASAP.[Poll #1810219]

These lists are by no means exhaustive, so share what else you think she would enjoy if you feel like it!
Bonus: Which shows would she and Andrew watch together?

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I'm excited for today's questions!  They were fun to come up with, and if anyone else has ideas for spin-offs/miniseries, I'd love to hear them.[Poll #1809613]

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One Spuffy-based BtVS question today (although you can easily substitute in your Buffy OTP of choice) and two Whedonverse questions that I've been curious about for some time because these women have a lot of similarities and are both beloved by fandom; please only answer the latter two if you've seen both AtS [Poll #1809243]

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Remember how I said a few of these might be shallow and/or pervy?  Well, this is one of them.  The question's below the cut because even though it's short and not graphic, it's probably NSFW.[Poll #1808544]

*Don't worry, it's an alternate reality where we have Buffy's permission to sleep with her partner.
**And Cordelia's.
***And the manpires', of course.  Just to be clear.

My Answer: Hell yes!

And given the nature of the question, I'm turning off poll notifications for the day so I don't have an inkling of who voted for what.
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[Poll #1808110]

Other questions to ponder: Assuming they did get back together, would they ever marry?  Who would be the driving force behind it?  If it were Xander, would Anya agree more-or-less immediately or he would have to do a lot of legwork to win back her trust in that particular matter?  When would it happen?

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Below the cut are my thoughts about yesterday's question:[Poll #1807923]

Other questions to ponder for the first one:

Would Spike have been as beloved if he didn't have that signature bleached hair?  :P

What if he had had a southern accent, which Joss apparently considered?  I...I want to hear JM do it, but I'm also thinking, Bill Compton, DNW!!

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