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Gosh it's been ages since I've gotten to use that kind of subject line! :D

After literally months of waiting, I finally got to post my fic for the SPN Rare Pair Big Bang today!

Title: Wait For It
Ship: Dean Winchester/Bela Talbot
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Off-screen attempted suicide; non-explicit references to canonical rape/sexual abuse re: Bela’s backstory; assumes Bela was the First Seal, so non-explicit references to Dean torturing her
Setting: Post-series AU
Summary: Dean never claimed that curing Bela Talbot was a well-thought-out plan, but falling for her afterward definitely wasn’t part of it. Or, five times Dean and Bela don’t say “I love you” (and one time they do).
On Ao3

This fic takes place in my Bela/Dean + Sam/Gen AU but is the first chronologically. I already said this on my flaily I-finished-my-draft post a few months ago, but this story has been in my head for literally YEARS, so it was such an amazing feeling to finally actually write it down. *happy sigh*

Even if you have zero interest in the fic, maybe consider checking out my partner's art cause it's shiny? :)
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This is a tiny 1,200 ficlet- tbh more like a vignette or a timestamp than an actual ficlet with a narrative of its own- that I wrote during NaNo this year.  I can't post the WIP snippets I really want to because in theory they're part of my RPBB (which I doubt I'll actually complete in time, also tbh), but this is an id-dy, entirely self-indulgent Sam + Bela scene in my Bela/Dean post-series AU (that I've posted several fics from).  It takes place anywhere between 6 months to a year after Bela and Dean officially start dating.

"Sam? Can I talk to you for a minute?" )
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I wrote flash fic!  I hardly ever do that!  But Kelsey gave me an awesome prompt on Tumblr for a meme where a friend writes the first line and then you write five more (spoiler alert, I wrote a lot more than 5 sentences).  So the first sentence, "He danced the way...feel like a normal girl." was written by [ profile] kwritten.

Title: Passing Through
Pairing: Claire Novak/Ben Braeden

He danced the way he told jokes, more like your middle-aged father than the secret boyfriend you snuck in your window, and she thought if she put her feet on top of his he’d twirl her away, maybe even make her feel like a normal girl.

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WIP Meme!

Sep. 14th, 2014 01:06 pm
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I'm technically working on original fic these days, but I felt like doing this meme anyway because I'm in a good mood because (a) otherwise these tidbits might never see the light of day, (b) I would still love to eventually finish them, and (c) calling them WIP instead of abandoned probably improves their prospects.  The problem is that with the exception of the first, all of these would be well over 10K if I actually wrote them, so I have a hard time justifying the time it would take away from original fic.  /O\  Hopefully if I checked this post a year from now I'd have made progress on at least one of them, though...

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Title: Begin Again
Summary: A Knight of Hell is on the warpath.  The Queen of Hell and a hunter seek the First Blade.  The year is 3014.
Characters: Dean Winchester, Bela Talbot, OFC
Relationships: Bela/Dean (UST)
Additional Tags: Cain!Dean, Mark of Cain, References to Major Character Death, POV Original Female Character
Word Count: 13,215
Rating: PG-13
Link: AO3
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Title: Too Late, Too Little
Summary: Dean wants more than Bela’s friendship, but he can’t ask for that, not on February 15th.  6,000 words.
Characters/Ships: Bela Talbot, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, pre-Bela/Dean, offscreen Megstiel
Rating: PG-13
A/N: This fic takes place in my post-series Bela/Dean, Gen/Sam AU that includes Morning Routine, Man of Steel, and Rain Day, but it’s the first chronologically.  This AU assumes that Bela came back as a demon and the boys cured her.  This particular fic is half schmoop, half angst, and 100% domestic.
Also on AO3.

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Title: Quickened
Summary: Jo’s pregnant.  Now comes the tricky part.  2,800 words.
Pairing: Dean/Jo/Castiel
Setting: Post-Apocalypse?  Doesn’t really matter, it’s an AU happy future!
Rating: R
Warnings: a wee bit of mpreg, tentacle-ish sex, CRACK & SCHMOOP
A/N: I offered a drabble to anyone who found my [ profile] spnkink_meme fill, and [ profile] snickfic said she was in the mood for Dean/Jo/Castiel.  I wrote a bit more than a drabble of course because who am I.

I would just like to note that this could have been called “A Well Conceived Plan” or “Second Time’s The Charm,” but I RESTRAINED MYSELF.

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Title: On the Treetop
Summary: Dean’s pregnant.  He needs his baby mama like he needs a hole in the head.  And Sam won’t stop treating him like an invalid made of glass.  His contract’s not up for two more months, but this already feels like Hell.  AU S3, pre-Dean/Bela.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,300
Warning: Mpreg!!!
AO3: Also available here
A/N: This fic takes place in the same AU as Waiting Game and Silent Night, but it is the first chronologically, so it’s definitely not necessary to read anything else first!

This fic is dedicated to the wonderful [ profile] snickfic.  I don’t even remember how long I have been promising her mpreg, but I am finally delivering!

Thank you to [ profile] upupa_epops, who ran an Unfinished Business Fic Meme in July that inspired me to get back into this fic (which I started last February), to [ profile] lynzie914, [ profile] kwritten, [ profile] snickfic, and [ profile] upupa_epops for encouraging me to continue during said meme, and finally to [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni for organizing the awesome comm [ profile] letsgetitdone, the deadline for which was what finally made me, after ten months, get it done

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Title: Rain Day
Summary: Some early mornings are worth waking up for.
Pairing: Sam Winchester/Genevieve Cortese
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,400
A/N: Because I have a hard time shipping Sam with anyone who doesn’t look like Genevieve Cortese, I like to pretend that the comatose girl whose body Ruby used had a twin sister.  Sam sees said twin, assumes she’s Ruby, tries to kill her, gets knifed for the trouble, and then falls for her, because he’s a little messed up like that, poor boy.  This snapshot takes places in the same Bela/Dean post-canon AU as “Morning Routine” and “Man of Steel” (but it’s not necessary to read those first) and was inspired by this post from Tumblr:

note to self don’t think about your otp curled up together in bed, legs and arms all tangled together between blankets to fight off the cold and listening to the sound of rain and each other’s breathing, faces buried in tangles of hair or against the other’s chest/neck and pressing little kisses against their cheek or their shoulder or their neck and mumbling about how lucky they are to have the other because you will get feelings and then cry

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I come bearing Halloween treat fic for [ profile] sagetan!  I wanted to write you a Gen drabble and failed miserably!  And by failed, I mean I wrote almost 7,000 words instead.  So while it is dedicated to you, please feel no obligation to read it because it is very, very long.

Title: Explaining to Dragons
Summary: Everyone knows that dragons are terrifying, but Prince Jared would still rather live with one than marry Prince Jensen.  He just has to convince the dragon that he'd make a better companion than meal.  Unfortunately, the very teensy, very nosy woman already in its cave doesn't seem to want to help his case.
Fandom: SPN RPF.  Specifically, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve (Cortese) Padalecki, and off-screen Jensen Ackles.  While one of my personal life goals is to make one of my siblings famous enough that I am someday a secondary character in someone’s RPF AU, I don’t know whether J2’s siblings feel the same, so rather than use their names, canonical characters also appear in this fic (and I killed one of them.  Sorry).
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,900
Warning: Jared is an omega who has felt like a freak his entire life because of the pervasive intersex phobia in this world.  If institutionalized phobia of that nature triggers you, please be warned.
A/N: Title is an homage to Patricia C. Wrede’s The Enchanted Forest Chronicles.  I haven’t read the series in over a decade so any similarities besides the basic premise of royalty-runs-away-to-dragon-to-escape-marriage are completely coincidental.

There was no sign of the dragon at the top of the dragon's cliff. )
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Over two months ago, I fell in love with a potential a/b/o verse, and I started scribbling down sentences whenever I could (literally, I was writing in a notebook at red lights during my commute).  It was only ever supposed to be a lark, a short, “Things I Am Not Actually Writing” post.  It turned into 5,500 words.  It is still something that I Am Not Actually Writing, although I do hope to dabble in the verse again at some point.  Maybe even try my hand at a/b/o sex.  *wibbles*  But for the moment it’s good to finally be done with it because that leaves me with just two short fics to write on my plate (and one thing that’s just for fun), and then I’ll possibly be done with fandom for a while.  Not because I want to be done with fandom, but I have to focus on studying.  Seems like the time for it, too, since it’s hard to feel creatively inspired when canon is prohibitively depressing.

So here’s the A/B/O Thing I’m Not Actually Writing, starring Gen and other familiar faces.  No spoilers past "Jus in Bello."  :D
* * *

­­When the other woman burst into the bathroom and Gen smelled alpha, she smiled, because unlike popular rag-mags, Gen did not believe that every other alfemale was out to steal her (hypothetical) omega, and in fact, she was pretty sure that ladies who were considered freaks of nature in large swathes of the country should look out for each other.

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Gen Teensybang Fic Masterpost
Title: Silent Night
Author: [ profile] gryfndor_godess
Artist: [ profile] sagetan
Fandom: SPN
Pairings: Ruby & Bela, Ruby/Sam, Ruby/Lilith, Bela/Dean, Ruby & Dean
Word count: 9,300
Rating: R
Genre: AU-S3/S4
Contents: Warnings for references to past mpreg (this fic takes place in S4, but in S3 Dean was pregnant with Bela’s baby) and references to Bela’s abusive childhood.
Summary: Babysitting Dean and Bela’s brat after they went to Hell was so never in Ruby’s plan, but with them out of the pit now, efforts to free Lucifer are finally back on track, if a few months behind schedule.  There are still occasional blips, though, like the boys deciding to batten down the hatches on little Mary Winchester’s half-birthday.  Fortunately, while Sam and Dean wallow in their paranoia that history’s going to repeat itself, Ruby and Bela have each other, not to mention lots of wine.

A/N: This fic takes place in an AU in which Dean became pregnant with Bela’s baby in S3.  They traded the Colt for an extension on Dean’s contract so that he could live until the baby was born in August; he was rescued by the angels at the end of October, so the S4 arc timeline is pushed back by a month.  “Silent Night” is a companion piece to “Waiting Game,” which takes place while Dean and Bela are still in Hell and Mary is in Sam and Ruby’s care; however, it’s not necessary to read “Waiting Game” first.

A/N 2: This fic is split into two posts only because it's too long to fit into one; there's no break between the "chapters."  Second post is here.

Thank you to the mods of [ profile] genteensybang for running the show and inspiring so much Gen/Ruby creativity.
Thank you to [ profile] smells_corrupt, my wonderful beta partner-in-crime!  ♥
And thank you to my artist partner-in-crime [ profile] sagetan, who drew the most beautiful Ruby, Bela, and Sam a girl could hope for.  Go see for yourself and shower her with adoration.

* * *

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Title: And On The Seventh Day, The New Queen Rose
Rating: R (warnings beneath spoiler cut)
Summary: It’s been a good week.  On Tuesday, Cas came home.  Wednesday, they killed Crowley.  Thursday, they trapped Naomi in Heaven.  Friday, Kevin finally answered their calls, and tonight, Dean celebrated at the local bar and christened the Batcave with a cute little brunette.  Yeah, things are finally looking up.
Word Count: 3,800
Warning:The sex is consensual while it’s happening, but it is definitely of the dub-con variety, and afterward, one of the participants feels violated and like he violated someone else.  There are also non-explicit references to past torture.

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YOU GUYS, [ profile] smells_corrupt IS WRITING SUPERNATURAL FIC NOW.


Either way, it's AWESOME.

Like Ruby.

Y'all should read.

And encourage her to write more.
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Title: Man of Steel
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It’s Halloween, and Dean’s feeling very domestic about it.  Sam can’t relate.  6,000 words.

A/N: This is a Sam + Dean/Bela fic, with every variation thereof- Sam & Dean, Dean/Bela, Bela & Sam.  It takes place in a post-canon future (but no spoilers past S4) in which Bela was rescued from Hell and she and Dean are a couple.  The boys still hunt, and she still steals, but they’re also all gradually putting down roots at her home in NY.  Takes place in the same future as this fic, though you don't have to read that one to read this.  Also, warning for vague spoilers for the end of The Dark Knight Rises.

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Title: Intervention
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Illyria and Eldre Koh stage an intervention.  2,400 words.
A/N: This is my [ profile] seasonal_spuffy ficlet, posted and written just under the wire, so I apologize if it’s a bit sloppy.  This is a comics!fic, but as I’ve only read one issue (the first Billy issue) since #10 (when Spike left), its adherence to comics!canon is liberal at best.  I basically took some elements I had heard about from previous issues or knew were in the pipeline (e.g., Illyria) and ran with them.

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Title: Waiting Game
Rating: R but only for a few bad words; more like a hard PG-13
Summary: Ruby never signed up to be a babysitter, so it was super inconvenient of Dean to get knocked up and leave Sam with his spawn before he went to Hell.  Takes place around October of what would be S4.  3,700 words.

A/N: This fic is for [ profile] pocochina, who requested a snippet or title/summary for the prompt "Sam/Ruby, accidental-baby-acquisition” (my new favorite name for a trope ever).  As I was already plotting out Dean/Bela mpreg thanks to [ profile] snickfic and this scenario was a logical offshoot of S3…it turned into a bit more than a snippet.  :)

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