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Gosh it's been ages since I've gotten to use that kind of subject line! :D

After literally months of waiting, I finally got to post my fic for the SPN Rare Pair Big Bang today!

Title: Wait For It
Ship: Dean Winchester/Bela Talbot
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Off-screen attempted suicide; non-explicit references to canonical rape/sexual abuse re: Bela’s backstory; assumes Bela was the First Seal, so non-explicit references to Dean torturing her
Setting: Post-series AU
Summary: Dean never claimed that curing Bela Talbot was a well-thought-out plan, but falling for her afterward definitely wasn’t part of it. Or, five times Dean and Bela don’t say “I love you” (and one time they do).
On Ao3

This fic takes place in my Bela/Dean + Sam/Gen AU but is the first chronologically. I already said this on my flaily I-finished-my-draft post a few months ago, but this story has been in my head for literally YEARS, so it was such an amazing feeling to finally actually write it down. *happy sigh*

Even if you have zero interest in the fic, maybe consider checking out my partner's art cause it's shiny? :)
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This is a tiny 1,200 ficlet- tbh more like a vignette or a timestamp than an actual ficlet with a narrative of its own- that I wrote during NaNo this year.  I can't post the WIP snippets I really want to because in theory they're part of my RPBB (which I doubt I'll actually complete in time, also tbh), but this is an id-dy, entirely self-indulgent Sam + Bela scene in my Bela/Dean post-series AU (that I've posted several fics from).  It takes place anywhere between 6 months to a year after Bela and Dean officially start dating.

"Sam? Can I talk to you for a minute?" )
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A NSFW headcanon meme is going around Tumblr, and it instantly made me think of Bela and Dean, and since I definitely have opinions, I figured why the hell not do it.  It was a very fun break from noveling.

Perfect icon is perfect )
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DYLAN EVERETT (AKA young!Dean) IS SUCH A JOY.  He's Colin Ford levels of good.  He's Dean's Colin Ford.

Spoilers (mostly vague ones) )
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Galavant (a Musical Comedy Extravaganza!) premiered tonight on ABC, and I've been looking forward to it for literally MONTHS, and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT.


Basic Premise: Galavant is the most famous knight in the land, beloved and revered by all.  Madalena is his lady love.  The evil King Richard sees her beauty and decides he must have her.  His henchmen kidnap her.  DUH DUH DUH.

Reasons Why You Should Watch:

+ THE MUSIC IS WITTY AND CATCHY AND ALL AROUND AMAZING (e.g., there's a song called "Maybe You're Not The Worst Thing Ever").  THE LYRICS ARE HILARIOUS.  AND they're PG13.  This is Disney for adults!  :DDD  Alan Menken is the composer (Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Hercules, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, among others), and Glenn Slater is the lyricist (Tangled), so that should give you an idea of just how amazing the music is.  It's the kind of music that I instantly wanted to put in the effort to memorize and sing all the parts to (like "Belle" in Beauty and the Beast), which I haven't felt for non-ballad songs in YEARS.

+ TIMOTHY OMUNDSON (King Richard) IS HYSTERICAL AND ADORABLE.  I've only ever seen him play Lassie in Psych and Cain in SPN, so I had no idea what his comedic range and singing were like (cause since he plays the "straight" man in Psych, his humor is mostly deadpan).  OH DEAR GOD HE IS HILARIOUS, AND HIS VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL, AND I JUST CANNOT STOP FLAILING OVER HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM.

+ The two female leads are fantastic (both the actors and the characters)!  I can't say much that isn't spoilery, but let's just say that they're both real go-getters.  Also, ONE OF THEM IS A WOC.

+ Galvant's squire, Sid, is funny and charming and black!  (And Lee Jordan in Harry Potter.)  Of the six main cast members, two of them are POC!  Lots of background characters are non-white!  This show actually has some diversity!  (It's the opposite of Frozen!)

+ Galavant himself is amusingly ridiculous and is also nice eye candy.

+ There are lots of amusing side characters, like Vinnie Jones' henchman and Richard's Cook.

+ The characters are surprisingly multi-dimensional (considering this show is a farce; John Stamos's knight is named Jean Hamm), and the plot is very promising in that regard, too.  It's a farce WITH LAYERS.  (LIKE AN OGRE.)

I SERIOUSLY CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS SHOW ENOUGH.  It's farcical, it's self-aware, it's clever, it's hilarious, it's WONDERFUL!!

The season is only 8 half-hour episodes (it's playing over four weeks during the OUAT hiatus), so it's definitely not a big time commitment!
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I wrote flash fic!  I hardly ever do that!  But Kelsey gave me an awesome prompt on Tumblr for a meme where a friend writes the first line and then you write five more (spoiler alert, I wrote a lot more than 5 sentences).  So the first sentence, "He danced the way...feel like a normal girl." was written by [ profile] kwritten.

Title: Passing Through
Pairing: Claire Novak/Ben Braeden

He danced the way he told jokes, more like your middle-aged father than the secret boyfriend you snuck in your window, and she thought if she put her feet on top of his he’d twirl her away, maybe even make her feel like a normal girl.

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I got two awesome fics for Trick or Treat!

First is a very sweet Anya & Cordelia fic set in the afterlife immediately post-Chosen.  It's alternately poignant, snarky, and funny, and despite the fact that they're, yanno, dead, I found it ultimately uplifting.  I'm so far removed from BtVS fandom at this point that I didn't really expect a fill in that fandom, let alone that anyone would take me up on this rarepair friendship, so it was a very neat surprise.  Even if you don't participate in BtVS fandom anymore, I'd recommend taking a look.

I also got this AWESOME Bela & Meg fic set in a post 8x17 AU (SOMEBODY WROTE ME BELA FIC, AND SHE WASN'T EVEN IN THE TAG SET, AND IT ALSO STARS MY SECOND FAVORITE SPN LADY, HOW LUCKY AM I).  Crowley's dead, and it's called "The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship," so that probably tells you all you need to know.  :)  Fantastic characterization for both ladies, especially Meg, lots of great lines, hints of Megstiel, and did I mention that Crowley's dead?  I LOVE it!  I have a pretty good guess who wrote it for me and am looking forward to finding out for sure tomorrow.  :D

I am definitely pleased as punch, tickled pink, and very grateful that both of my treats were about female friendships (or the beginnings thereof).  \O/
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Hi Lovely Person,

This is my first exchange, so I am super excited!  Also, I apologize for the lateness of my letter!  Below the cut are some of my general likes/dislikes for the fandoms, fave ships, and some prompts if that helps at all, but please feel free to ignore if you have something else in mind!

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Thank you for whatever awesome trick or treat you come up with! :)
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(Technically, a little bit belated, just as I am technically a little belated in posting this on the 19th.  However, it's still the 19th in all the other U.S. time zones.)

[ profile] upupa_epops requested Adult Hermione Headcanons, which was so much fun.
Falling in love, falling in love...with Hermione Granger )
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[ profile] lynzie914 asked for my favorite Bela scene(s)/episode, and I was only too happy to oblige.  Beware: Here there be flailing.


WIP Meme!

Sep. 14th, 2014 01:06 pm
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I'm technically working on original fic these days, but I felt like doing this meme anyway because I'm in a good mood because (a) otherwise these tidbits might never see the light of day, (b) I would still love to eventually finish them, and (c) calling them WIP instead of abandoned probably improves their prospects.  The problem is that with the exception of the first, all of these would be well over 10K if I actually wrote them, so I have a hard time justifying the time it would take away from original fic.  /O\  Hopefully if I checked this post a year from now I'd have made progress on at least one of them, though...

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Okay, technically it is now the 14th where I live, but it's still the 13th somewhere in the U.S., so we'll pretend that I'm posting on time:

Kelsey asked for a pimp/yelling-about-feelings post about the Engelsfors trilogy, and I am SO HAPPY TO OBLIGE.

Everything above the cut is a spoiler-free rec.  Below the cut are spoilery opinions.

If you’ve been following [ profile] ellievanna on Tumblr for the past few years you’ve probably heard her flail about this trilogy before (that is where I heard about it) and for good reason.  Engelsfors is a Swedish YA fantasy trilogy written by Sara Elfgren and Mats Strandberg.  The books are The Circle, Fire, and The Key.  The first two are available in English, and the third is supposed to come out in February 2015 (I might have emailed the American publisher requesting the date because I was so desperate…).

The basic premise of the trilogy sounds a lot like BtVS: demons exist and want to terrorize the world and only the Chosen One can stop them.  However, in Engelsfors (which is the name of the town), there are actually seven chosen ones, and they all possess different powers (e.g., invisibility, mind-control, mind-reading, etc.).  The Chosen Ones also have a Giles-like Watcher, there’s an interfering, patriarchal Council, and high school represents everything evil, but that’s about where the similarities end, and I promise, nothing feels like a rip-off of BtVS.

Despite the similar premise, the trilogy is actually very creative and clever.  One of the things I love most about it is that in both books, I genuinely had little to no clue what was going to happen next.  A lot of American YA urban fantasy trilogies feel formulaic (girl discovers mysterious heritage and/or powers, mysterious asshole who sekritly has a heart of gold is sometimes helpful/sometimes a butt-munch, cue lots of smoldering and longing, oh wait LOVE TRIANGLE WITH THE LIFELONG LOYAL BESTIE, throw in a little plot at the end, etc.) (can you tell I’m cynical about YA urban fantasy), but there’s nothing formulaic about Engelsfors.  For being a fantasy series, there’s also a healthy dose of horror and contemporary realism (IDK if that’s the right term for it, but basically, dealing with real life issues like mental health, divorce, etc.).  The series blends genres seamlessly, organically integrating the girls’ magical problems with their non-magical problems so that the plot never feels bogged down.

Other great things:
+ The series deals very thoughtfully with mental health, depression, divorce, bullying, drinking, drugs, suicide, and LGBT issues.  The girls are around sixteen when the books start, and they feel like teenagers (and they get to cuss!  Go Sweden for not censoring!).  I’ve rarely seen American books address so many complications so holistically and respectfully.

+ The protags are far from perfect, and the narrative acknowledges it.  Arrogance has consequences!  Mistakes are not swept aside! The stakes are high and actually matter!

+ So!  Much!  Lady!  Love!  This book is ALL ABOUT WOMEN and female friendships (and more than friendship), and it’s just so lovely.  Plus, it’s about how these friendships develop, because the protags are all very different, and they clash a lot and have to learn how to work together and care about each other, and that is another thing you don’t frequently see in American YA- stories that focus on female friendship.  If you want stories about female friendship and empowerment, look no further than Englesfors.

Basically, I can’t say enough good things about this series, and if you like YA urban fantasy, I highly encourage you to read it.  Although, to be perfectly honest, I might recommend waiting until January 2015 so that you don’t have to suffer in wait for the third book like I am…  If you have any questions at all, please ask!  If this post convinces even one person to read the books, I will be absolutely delighted.

Okay but don't read this part because SPOILERS )
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IDK how much I'll write before losing steam on this, but I'm feeling inspired so:

NB: These posts (if I end up doing more than one) are going to be more like rambling diary entries than actual reports.  Sadly, since it has been four months, I don't actually remember a lot of what was said in the panels, and while some of my notes are understandable, some say, "Under the Sea, Gabe, Matt as back-up.  Chuck, something w/alcohol.  What If God Was One of Us."  Which, WTF??  So, yes, these are iddy diary entries with my impressions and flailing, not reports.

So this is mostly babbling about prep for the con and then a teensy bit of Friday )
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Meta I posted on Tumblr last night that was inspired by this gifset, or Why S10 Is The Perfect Time To Bring Back Bela Talbot:

Everyone is thoroughly spoiled already about Dean right? )

Thinking of all the delicious narrative potential here and how it's going to be wasted makes me want to cry.

ETA: I just got the following message on Tumblr:
          Hi, could you maybe tag your anti John Winchester posts (like the one about Bela in the Bela talbot tag) with something, like anti john? thanks.

And just, wow.  I understand not tagging character hate, and I even understand tagging "anti-characters" if it's a major part of a post, but tagging "anti" in regards to a solitary reference to abusive behavior that is canonical?  Just, wow.

All I can say is, I just reblogged some really excellent meta on "Bad Boys" about how the bruises on Dean's arms were probably made by John, and I tagged it "John Winchester" because it's fucking meta, and meta = / = hate, and if you think I'm going to go out of my way to protect the poor woobie feelings of apologists who identify as "pro john" (as this person's blog says), you are sadly mistaken.

/End rant, which I did here because I'm not going to respond to this person, 30% because I believe in taking the high ground and 70% because I am actually too appalled to even begin to know how to respond.

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Title: Begin Again
Summary: A Knight of Hell is on the warpath.  The Queen of Hell and a hunter seek the First Blade.  The year is 3014.
Characters: Dean Winchester, Bela Talbot, OFC
Relationships: Bela/Dean (UST)
Additional Tags: Cain!Dean, Mark of Cain, References to Major Character Death, POV Original Female Character
Word Count: 13,215
Rating: PG-13
Link: AO3


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