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Title: Intervention
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Illyria and Eldre Koh stage an intervention.  2,400 words.
A/N: This is my [ profile] seasonal_spuffy ficlet, posted and written just under the wire, so I apologize if it’s a bit sloppy.  This is a comics!fic, but as I’ve only read one issue (the first Billy issue) since #10 (when Spike left), its adherence to comics!canon is liberal at best.  I basically took some elements I had heard about from previous issues or knew were in the pipeline (e.g., Illyria) and ran with them.

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Title: Picture Perfect
Summary: After Sunnydale, Buffy wants something to remember Spike by, just in case.  Set during the party in Season 9, Issue #1.  4,400 words.
Rated: PG-13
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine; I am making no money, etc.
A/N: Apparently being disgruntled by the comics spurs me to write cause I started this a little over a month ago but didn’t feel very inspired until after #7 came out!  Anyway, it takes place during #1, so nothing in #7 affects it, and it’s comics-canon-compliant.  For those who don’t read the comics, all but the last 400 or so words could also be applicable to a general post-NFA future, no comics required.

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I had a dream about Darla and Dru and Angel and Spike!!  As so often happens with dreams, it’s doesn’t make any sense whatsoever now that I’m awake, but it made sense while I was actually dreaming it.  I hardly ever dream about characters I love- no character-insertion dreams, no replaying of events dreams, no sex-with-Harry or sex-with-Spike dreams (apparently people have those; I’m kind of jealous), so this left me feeling extremely happy when I woke up.

The details are already gone, and as I said, it doesn’t make any sense now that I’m awake, but this was the gist: Spike was courting me (I don’t know if I was supposed to be Buffy or if Buffy had never existed in this scenario; no clue), and Angel was courting Darla, BUT for whatever reason Angel had no idea that Darla was Darla (I think she may have been under a glamour around him).  OTOH, we knew exactly who they were, although the boys didn’t tell us they were vampires and thought we were oblivious humans.  Meanwhile, Dru was just…there.  She and Darla came as a package set.

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Today is the last poll!  Thank you so much for participating.  I had a lot of fun these past two weeks, and I hope you did, too.  :)[Poll #1810789]

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My apologies for being behind on answering comments!  I'm unusually busy today, but I'm not ignoring them and will get to them ASAP.[Poll #1810219]

These lists are by no means exhaustive, so share what else you think she would enjoy if you feel like it!
Bonus: Which shows would she and Andrew watch together?

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Title: Denouement
Rating: PG
Summary: Willow’s not the best person to comfort Buffy, but she knows who is.  Takes place immediately after issue #4.  4,800 words.

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Title: Denouement
Rating: PG
Summary: Willow’s not the best person to comfort Buffy, but she knows who is.  Takes place immediately after issue #4 and actually isn’t precluded by #5.  The first line of the fic is from the #4, which was written by Andrew Chambliss.
Word Count: 7,100
Author’s Note: I started this pretentiously titled fic (not pretentiously titled on purpose; I just couldn't think of anything; "Aftermath" and "Solace" seemed too bland) not long after the issue actually came out but struggled with it for a while and was only able to finish it today.  The impetus for it was that I was disgruntled with the writers for not having Buffy think of Spike before leaving the warehouse with Willow, and I wanted to flesh out Spike’s reasons for leaving without talking to her because I wasn’t entirely satisfied with his characterization.  This is my take on what could have transpired after the issue.
            This was also supposed to the first chapter in a much, much, much longer fic; namely, a Spike/Buffy/Dowling love triangle fic.  For now, this stands as a one-shot.  I have a skeletal plot of the rest of it and still like it, so I may write it some point, but now that #5 is out and it would be thoroughly AU, I make no promises.

ETA: Apparently 7,000 words is too long for LJ to handle.  *sigh*  Most annoyingly this is in two parts, but it's just one fic.  This first part is about 2,300 words.

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I'm excited for today's questions!  They were fun to come up with, and if anyone else has ideas for spin-offs/miniseries, I'd love to hear them.[Poll #1809613]

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One Spuffy-based BtVS question today (although you can easily substitute in your Buffy OTP of choice) and two Whedonverse questions that I've been curious about for some time because these women have a lot of similarities and are both beloved by fandom; please only answer the latter two if you've seen both AtS [Poll #1809243]

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Remember how I said a few of these might be shallow and/or pervy?  Well, this is one of them.  The question's below the cut because even though it's short and not graphic, it's probably NSFW.[Poll #1808544]

*Don't worry, it's an alternate reality where we have Buffy's permission to sleep with her partner.
**And Cordelia's.
***And the manpires', of course.  Just to be clear.

My Answer: Hell yes!

And given the nature of the question, I'm turning off poll notifications for the day so I don't have an inkling of who voted for what.
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[Poll #1808110]

Other questions to ponder: Assuming they did get back together, would they ever marry?  Who would be the driving force behind it?  If it were Xander, would Anya agree more-or-less immediately or he would have to do a lot of legwork to win back her trust in that particular matter?  When would it happen?

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Below the cut are my thoughts about yesterday's question:[Poll #1807923]

Other questions to ponder for the first one:

Would Spike have been as beloved if he didn't have that signature bleached hair?  :P

What if he had had a southern accent, which Joss apparently considered?  I...I want to hear JM do it, but I'm also thinking, Bill Compton, DNW!!

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